Opportunities in Aviation :-

This is the golden era for those who desire to build their career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

The Aviation sector in India currently contributes $72 bn to GDP.

India has 464 airports and airstrips out of which 125 airports are owned by Airport Authority of India (AAI). These 125 AAI airports manage close to 78% of domestic passenger traffic and 22% of international passenger traffic.

Boeing and Airbus are going to set up their MRO Organisation in different states of India which builds thousands of jobs for AME.

India put its first step on the manufacturing of civil aircraft which hike the opportunities for Aircraft Engineers.

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) industry is expected to grow to $1.2 bn by 2020

Key investments and developments in India’s aviation industry include: 

      • In October 2020, Zurich Airport International signed the concession agreement for the development of Jewar Airport on the outskirts of Delhi. The agreement has granted Zurich Airport International the licence to design, build and operate Noida International Airport (NIAL) for the next 40 years.
      • In October 2020, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) announced plan to upgrade runways at seven airports across the country by March 2022.
      • In January 2020, IndiGo became first Indian carrier to have an aircraft fleet size of 250 planes and became the first airline to operate 1,500 flights per day.
      • In December 2019, AAI announced its plans to set up India’s first three water aerodromes in Andaman & Nicobar.
      • As of December 2019, France-based Safran Group planned to invest in aircraft engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) unit in India to cater to its airline customers.
      • AAI plans to invest Rs. 25,000 crore (US$ 3.58 billion) in next the five years to augment facilities and infrastructure at airports.
      • UK group to invest Rs. 950 crore (US$ 135.9 million) in Turbo Aviation’s new airline TruStar.
      • As the fare of Aircraft decreases, more people will be able to travel through aircraft.

The safety of an aircraft and it’s passenger is on the shoulder of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. As AME License is internationally valid so, a License Holder Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) has good career opportunities in the Government sector and also in the Private sector in India as well as abroad.

Working Sectors after doing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering :-


Airlines is a company which provides regular services carrying people or goods in aeroplanes. Before aircraft fly, Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer has to analyse and solve the problems of aircraft. After signing a certificate an aircraft can fly.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhauls (MRO) industries:-

MRO companies are those companies which specialize in performing maintenance actions on aircraft and their components such as jet engines, landing gears etc. To maintain the actions licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer are required.

Aircraft Manufacturing Companies:-

Aircraft Manufacturing Companies deals in the manufacturing of aircrafts such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, etc. For maintaining and operating engines, electronics systems etc Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is hired.

More :-

Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies:-

Aircraft are made up of numerous parts. To manufacture those parts Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies have builds. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer can analyse those parts and help them to build better ones.

Aircraft Operation Organizations:-

ICAO, EASA, etc are the Aircraft Operation Organization. Their organization deals with well being and protection of civil aviation. When it’s about Safety in aircraft, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is the first name that came out.

Flying Clubs:-

A flying club is an organization that provides its members with affordable access to aircraft. That aircraft needs to be maintenance which is done by licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

Aviation Training Centres:-

There are Aircraft Maintenance Engineers who are aware another candidate about the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and its scope.

Civil Defence Forces:-

There are many aircraft which defence use for various purposes to protect the country. Defence aircrafts are also maintained by license Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Major Recruiters


      • Air Asia
      • Air India
      • Air India Express
      • Alliance Air
      • Blue dart Aviation
      • Star Air
      • GO Airlines
      • Air Heritage
      • Indigo
      • Pawan Hans
      • Spice Jet
      • Tata SIA Airlines
      • Turbo Megha Airways
      • FlyBig
      • TruJet
      • Zoom Air


      • Emirates Airlines
      • Qatar Airways
      • Air Arabia Airlines
      • Etihad Airways
      • Thai Airways
      • Air France Airlines
      • British Airways
      • Singapore Airlines
      • Malaysia Airlines
      • Cathay Pacific Airlines
      • Singapore Airlines
      • Air France ……………Many more


      • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
      • Airworks India Engg. Pvt. Ltd.
      • Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd.
      • Varman Aviation
      • Cochin International Aviation Services Limited (CIASL)
      • Nano Aviation India
      • GMR Aero Technic Ltd
      • Indamer Aviation Pvt Ltd.
      • Bharat aviation Pvt. Ltd
      • Turbo Jet Engines Pvt Ltd
      • Shaurya Aeronautics Pvt. Ltd.
      • Vikram Aviation Pvt. Ltd.
      • Arrow Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd.
      • Instrument Avion
      • Tata Steel Ltd
      • Aero Interiors Private Limited
      • Max MRO services Pvt. Ltd.
      • Kestrel Aviation Private Limited
      • Simm Samm Airways Private Limited
      • Chimes Aviation Pvt. Ltd
      • Directorate of Aviation, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh
      • Aman Aviation & Aerospace Solutions Pvt. Ltd
      • Jet Serve Aviation Pvt. Ltd
      • Indocopters Pvt Ltd
      • Magnum Aviation Pvt Ltd
      • BSF Air Wing
      • Civil Aviation Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh,


      • Sha-Shib Flying Academy
      • IASPL, Bhopal International Aircraft Sales Pvt. Ltd
      • Indian Aerospace & Engineering (IAE)
      • Aerospace Research And Development Center
      • Hindustan Aerospace & Engineering, Pune